At Booker's Tree Service, LLC. we provide tree pruning service to ensure your trees are well maintained so they not only look their best but don’t potentially cause damage to your home.

  • ​ISA Credentialed "Certified Arborist" TX-3287A
  • ISA Credentialed "Tree Risk Assessment Qualified"
  • ISA Credentialed certified arborist "Test Proctor"

Tree Pruning Services in San Antonio, TX

Booker's Tree Service, LLC. in San Antonio, Texas, offers tree pruning and care services to keep your trees looking their best and to keep your property out of harms way of falling limbs.

As certified Arborists, we carefully analyze the health of trees and potential problems in order to take preemptive measures to ensure your yard is healthy and safe. Our team determines if your trees are damaging your home's foundation or structure and remove broken or hanging limbs to keep your home out of harm’s way.

Booker's Tree
​Pruning Service

Healthy Growth
Professional Tree Care & Pruning Service in San Antonio, Texas
Safe Trees

More often than not trees need pruning simply for growth improvement. Removing dead, clustered, crossed, or rubbing limbs helps increase growth potential. Oak trees are especially vulnerable to limb rubbing, which rubs off bark and potentially causes open wounds that lead to oak wilt disease

Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, for tree care and tree pruning service to ensure your home doesn’t become a victim of tree damage.